What alumni are saying this week? (November 5, 2018)

It is that time of the week again when we give you a dose of what we like to call Birthright Israel magic – when participants share their life-changing and most memorable moments from their time in Israel. Drum roll please… “Without Birthright Israel I would have never felt so proud of my Jewish identity.” - Alesha “Every moment from… Read More 
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Birthright Israel is Crucial to Keeping Judaism Alive

This is why I became a Birthright group leader. I remember every second of my first Birthright Israel trip. I’ve never felt that connected to anything in my life. Everywhere we went, everything I saw and did, I felt like I was meant to be there. I think it’s because it’s the land of my people. I didn’t expect to come… Read More 
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Doing Birthright as a Mother of Two

A 32-year-old mom of two takes a Birthright Israel trip and finds she has something to learn from her young companions. Other than the fact that I’m a sucker for anything free, I wasn’t entirely sure what compelled me to go on Birthright’s pilot trip for Jewish men and women in the advanced age range of 27 to 32. As… Read More 
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What are alumni saying this week? (October 22, 2018)

No matter where in the world a Birthright Israel participant comes from, each and every single one continues to relive the magic of Israel throughout their entire lives. With more than 650,000 alumni embarking on the journey of a lifetime we wanted to share with you, by week, an insight into just how impactful Birthright Israel is. “It’s impossible to… Read More 
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Birthright Israel: A Journey That Changed Me Forever

I could write novels upon novels about how beneficial Birthright Israel is and how this trip changed my life for the better. Growing up, I really didn’t know much about Judaism or my culture. I am 100% Jewish on both sides, but I was not in touch with my roots. Because I didn’t come from a huge Jewish community, once… Read More 
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A Match Made in Israel: Ian & Mackenzie

For Ian Persits and Mackenzie Samet, Birthright Israel was much more than a free trip—it was where their love story began. Although both from New York, the two of them were brought up in very different homes. Ian was born and raised in Brooklyn in a Russian-Jewish household. His parents immigrated to the United States in 1975 to build a… Read More 
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A Time to Re-member

As we embark on this month of Jewish holidays, starting a New Year of an ancient people, I am honored to share with you a few thoughts. Our collective Jewish narrative arguably revolves around that seminal moment at Mt. Sinai, wherein a pulse of the divine merged with the human, infusing an eternal ethical backbone to govern mankind’s life on… Read More 

A Note for the New Year

Dear Friends, In 2018, we have a great amount to be appreciative for. Personally, I am extremely thankful for the incredible opportunities I have had and will continue to have on behalf of Birthright Israel Foundation. Every day I have the unique privilege of interacting with some our generations’ most prominent Jewish leaders whose vision and resources are providing the… Read More 
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Galilee: Discovering the Lush, Mountainous Green of Israel

When Birthright Israel participants travel to Israel, many imagine they will spend 10 days in a desert. While they are partly right, they are astonished to discover Israel’s amazing landscape is as diverse as its people. Let's learn more about the Galilee. In Israel’s northern region, pastoral green valleys and mountains define the area of Galilee. Participants have the opportunity… Read More 
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Can Birthright Israel Truly Strengthen the Jewish Future?

You may have heard us say this before: Birthright Israel is strengthening the Jewish future. But What Does That Mean? In many ways, the Jewish future is a numbers game. The longevity of our people is tied to the number of Jews who embrace our heritage in the years to come, enabling our community to grow and thrive. For that… Read More 
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A Granddaughter’s Understanding

From an early age, I knew Israel was an important place. My mother’s parents had both survived the Holocaust. After World War II, my grandfather, a survivor of Auschwitz, volunteered in a displaced persons camp in Germany helping other Jewish refugees get to British-controlled Palestine. While my grandfather hoped to also emigrate to Eretz Yisrael, his one surviving family member… Read More 

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