How I Found Community on a Birthright Israel Trip

Isn't it amazing how when you're young, your life is built around the idea of community? We have community at school with our classmates, community with sports and in my case community with fellow tennis players on my high school tennis team or the dancers, I danced with in college. There are a lot of opportunities to be part of… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel Taught Me That Whatever Happens To The Jewish People, We Are Strong

In March 2019 I had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Israel with Birthright Israel and visit Yad VaShem. After experiencing Israel firsthand through this trip, I know how rare opportunities like this must be. However, I’m writing now not to focus so much on my Birthright Israel trip but about what I learned during our visit to… Read More 
Alumni Love Stories

Birthright Israel Love Story: Jordana & Danny Joseph

My husband, Danny and I went on Birthright Israel in 2001 during our last year of undergrad. We immediately became good friends and maintained contact well after the trip was over. At the time we were both in relationships, but deep down we knew there was something special. Nearly two years later we had moved on from those relationships and… Read More 

Alumni Interview: Amanda Flaxman

Amanda Flaxman is a winter 2019 Birthright Israel alumna from Highland Park, IL. She currently works as a Data Scientist and the biggest takeaway from her Birthright Israel trip was the authenticity she felt from everyone. What was the major factor that drove you to sign up for Birthright Israel? My trip was leaving from Chicago and just happened to… Read More 
Food Holidays

Passover Recipe: Coconut-Halva Macaroons By Alumnus Jake Cohen

Jake Cohen is a one-of-a-kind Birthright Israel alumnus and a nice Jewish boy. His recipes and words have been featured on Food 52, Huffington Post Taste, Food and Wine Magazine, and Saveur Magazine to name a few. Jake is also a NY Times best-selling author and recently published his first cookbook, Jew-Ish. Jake went on his Birthright Israel journey in… Read More 
Leadership & Supporters

Overheard in NYC

Get to my hotel. Informed my room is on the third floor. I know better than to accept a low room in Midtown Manhattan. Ask for a higher floor. Offered something on 10. “Anything higher?” I ask. The guy offers to show me a room on 22. “Great,” I say, and off we go. As we take the elevator up,… Read More 
Food Holidays

Passover Recipe: Barbara’s Matzo Ball Soup by Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle is a Birthright Israel alumna, host and co-producer of the acclaimed podcast “Your Last Meal.” She’s a feature reporter on KIRO Radio in Seattle, and “Seattle Weekly” voted her the city’s best FM Radio Personality.  and a feature reporter and talk show contributor. This Passover Rachel shares with us a memory from her Birthright Israel trip and her… Read More 
Food Holidays

Passover Recipe: Matzo Brittle by Alumna Everything Erica

Erica Eckman is a well-known foodie and founder of the brand Everything Erica. She and her husband went on Birthright Israel in Winter 2018-2019 and have found a new love for their Judaism ever since. We are delighted to share her Birthright Israel story and delicious Matzo Brittle recipe below! Erica’s Story I grew up in a fairly religious, conservative… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

8 Things I Learned Because of Birthright Israel

1. It’s a chance to explore what Judaism means for you. I had a lack of knowledge about Judaism and felt a massive disconnect from religion. I was eager to find my Jewish identity and further explore what it means for me to be a Jew. 2. Being Jewish means something different for everyone, and that’s okay. One of the biggest takeaways… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Meet Young Leadership Council Member: Samantha Wenig

When did you go on Birthright Israel? In December 2011 and I remember we were lucky enough to celebrate the remaining nights of Hanukkah while on the trip – it was so memorable! Birthright Israel Foundation has given this gift to over 700,000 young Jewish adults from all different backgrounds and walks of life, what is your Jewish background? I… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Third Time’s a Charm: How I Finally Went on Birthright Israel

My journey to Israel started when I was only nine years old. I had just begun Hebrew school and found out what Israel was from my teacher. When I got home I asked my father if he had traveled there, he said yes and that I would “go home one day.” At the time, I didn’t understand what he meant.… Read More 

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